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Water Extinguishers
9Ltr Stored Pressure
Water Extinguisher
Water is still one of the most useful and effective fire extinguishers for Class A fires (freely burning materials such as paper, cloth and wood).
  • Squeeze grip operation
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3
  • Protective plastic base
  • Complete with bracket
Type Water (Stored Pressure)
Capacity (litres) 9
Model number FPW9
Fire rating 21A
Height (mm)


Cylinder diameter (mm) 189
Overall width (mm) 300
Filled weight (kg) 14.18
Range of throw (m) >4
Duration of discharge (s) 50
Working pressure at 20°C (bar) 15
Temperature range (°C) 0 to 60
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Fire Rating: 3lt = 13A
Fire Rating: 6lt = 21A


Water with Additive

Our supplier has launched a new high performance ‘Water with Additive’ extinguisher, billed as one of the most powerful water extinguishers in the world and size for size offering up to 300% more fire fighting capability than ‘traditional’ jet type water fire extinguishers.
The size and weight of the unit is such that it is ideally suited for small offices or where space may be at a premium. Designed for all Class A type fires involving combustible materials such as wood, paper and fabrics, the extinguisher contains a special additive which reduces the water's surface tension and inhibits the propagation of fire.

These products incorporate a spray nozzle, which provides a more effective spread than a conventional jet, and a 15 bar working pressure gives greater application reach so helping to further protect the user. Available in 3 litre and 6 litre stored pressure models, the extinguisher – which has a long drawn high grade steel body shell for optimum strength – also features a high-grade brass head assembly, and coated steel levers. A precision-built mechanical pressure gauge provides a very accurate indication of extinguishers' pressure status.

A polyester external coating adds extra protection to withstand extreme temperatures, dirty environments and UV degradation, whilst a polyethylene internal lining safeguards against corrosion. Although not recommended specifically for electrical risks, the extinguisher has passed the 35kv conductivity of discharge test, thus reducing operator risk if used in close proximity to electrical equipment.

Guaranteed for five years, the new Water with Additive extinguisher has the BS EN 3 Kitemark that ensures continuous product excellence.

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